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then what

bumpling, stumbling, crumbling,


Splat! Bang! Crash!

Lights out.

Blood oozing, seeping

into pavement / rock /dirt,

sticking to tender open flesh wound skin -

sticks and rocks and leaves and worms

mangled and tangled,

weaving and intermingling,

to create Form.

Sticky, tricky, bumpy, fumbly,

but growing...


Manoeuvering in - and out -

up and down,

all around,

eyes closed, No Sound.

Touching, as if for the first time,

feeling as if for the first time,

Learning - As if for the first time.


To dancing

to falling

to crawling all over again,

To laughing

To crying

To smiling, a cheeky hidden one,

for the wind and the trees and the sun -

who know.

Who are in on the joke.

A secret shared.

A glimmer of hope.


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