Agnese Perri (they/them), a Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) graduate, is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and theatre maker. From Italy and Hong Kong, and currently based in Naarm (Melbourne), their interest lies in theatre, performance art, and arts administration roles.


With a passion for experimental theatre, they are excited by the whimsical, intricate creative worlds, strong aesthetic visions, and child-like atmospheres and languages but with adult themes. Their practice is led by deep reflection and play, with a focus on autobiographical/semi-autobiographical narratives, culture and cross-cultural experiences, and isolation/connection. They often work with video, poetry, object theatre, and performance, and seek to provide audiences rich sensory experiences.

Recent projects include Always (2022), My Shell (2022), Always a Stranger in a Foreign Place (2021) [Recipient of Mudfest Best Moving Image Award and Digital Dawdle Audience Favourite in Film], and Hong Kong in Red (2019). Performance credits include extensive work with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, FLOOD with National Youth Theatre Britain, and VCA credits (“Flinders Street Station” dir. Penny Baron, “Who are they to you” dir. Tanya Gristle, “Rat King” dir. Katy Maudlin). 


With a particular interest in the performing and experimental art festival environment, they recently had their debut producing role as Executive Producer of MUSE. Providing artists the support and space to create, and providing communities rich moments to experience the fruits of that creation, is something Agnese feels passionately about. Their particular interest lies in programming and producing/administration within performing arts festivals.