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An Ode to Life

The warmth of the sun - rays casted onto my skin,

even more so when that heat is broken, drifting in and out, by the wind. 

The way trees smell, after rain 

or a humid day

or when dew-soaked at dawn, hung in a foggy haze.

Cool Fresh Air hitting your nose on winter mornings, 

or warm and sweet, lulling you on a summer evening;

Or, no matter the season, how the mountains and the sea look like a dream at golden hour; 

Which really is more of a pink misty hour, at home, 

that makes the little fairies (that live inside my belly) giddy and giggle as I get a glimpse 

into their dreamy fairy world pastel painted in front of me…

It’s the way words sound sweet - 

and tingle my ears when soft spoken by melodic voices.

And the way my lover smells.

And how my chest and belly feel both light and heavy when I’m hugged.

And the secrets the moon looks like it’s hiding when it’s waning. 

A life. 


Living. breathing. speaking, hearing, crying screaming laughing 


To see spring turn to summer, and summer to fall, and winter to spring, and all over again. 

To hear a baby full belly laugh

To smell freshly baked bread as you walk down the street

To taste honey and peaches and red earthy beets

To touch your own heart in a moment of rush -

To be curious - to wonder - to look at the sky up above.

It seems that’s what I’m meant to be noticing, 

That marvellous experience that you get only once - 

That means both nothing and everything. 

Well it’s not going to go wasted on me, as my favourite poet once wrote, which is why I’m telling you about it.


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