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eco make-up: Elate Cosmetics

I recently bought some elate cosmetic pressed eye powders (eye shadows) and thought I'd share my thoughts, you all voted on instagram for a video so here it is!

The Palette

From left to right, top to bottom: Lumen, Sweet, Earthen, Stillness, Modish, Rise (and the palette)

Lumen, Sweet, Modish, and Stillness

Lumen, Earthen, Rise, and Stillness

Generally speaking I like the company and what they stand for, they are sustainable, ethical, cruelty free, and vegan. It can be hard to find a company with so many wonderful things behind their practices so I definitely feel inclined to support them, simply for setting a standard for the cosmetic industry. The palette is beautiful and I love how you buy refills instead of a whole packaged product each time. The seed packaging is a great idea and I've just planted mine, can't wait to see if they flower! The delivery package was also entirely plastic free.

The shadows apply really nicely and don't feel cakey, they feel as though they will last and are versatile to different looks. I was a big fan of the lumen, stillness, modish, and rise but not so much the sweet and earthen. Would recommend trying some of their other 'light' shades in replacement of these two to get a stronger pigment. Overall I'm happy with the purchase and excited to use it in the future!

If you are considering getting any of their products here are a couple of coupon codes I found online that you can use: 'zerowastecountdown' 'ORGANICBUNNY'

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