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My career and Sustainability

This is our first community post by Lucy Mcleod of The Zero Hero Movement. If you'd be interested in writing for us we welcome all sorts of discussions on sustainability and more. For now, career and it's influences on sustainability

I'm really lucky, everyday I pinch myself to make sure it's real. I'm a marine biologist. I specialise in whale and dolphin research and I get to see some of the most amazing animals in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

Working out in the field, or in my case the ocean and being close to all the amazing wildlife that inhabits it, not only strengthened my compassion for these incredible animals but also brought to my attention the ways in which individuals can make a difference, a positive difference to the health of the oceans.

I think there's quite a big gap between science and "real life" and so I want to try and close that gap using my blog and my Instagram page. I can bring the wildlife closer to others through photos and videos and inspire action through my own daily habits towards living more ethically.

The research I have undertaken and my understanding of our effects on the marine environment really drive my habits in everyday life. For example, I know that the mother dolphin I see suckling her calf is passing on increased amounts of pathogens from plastics and other pollutants through her milk. I know that large marine mammals and sharks are experiencing the highest levels of toxification they've ever experienced. When a whale washes up on a beach and dies, it's classed as toxic waste, unsafe for human exposure. What happened that we made nature so unnatural?

Sometimes if I think about it too much I can feel rather depressed, I'm an incredibly emotive person and I think that's why I'm so fascinated by marine mammals such as whales an dolphins because their social bonds are so strong! What helps lift me up in this time of pollution overload is the amazing and ever growing community of people from all over the world that are choosing to live more consciously and more ethically. I'm inspired everyday when I connect with people through my ZHM page and it's a great way to share advice and tips. I've learnt so much in the last year of bringing my story online!

Before taking my degree and following my passion I actually worked in waste management, something I really enjoyed and probably the first place I learnt about a closed loop system. It was really interesting because I got to see how much waste various companies and businesses were producing and then actively work towards getting them closer to their greener goals within recycling. Combine all this with my instinctive love of nature and ethical living practises called out to me loud and clear.

You don’t have to be a marine biologist to be driven towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Every single one of us makes an impact on the planet everyday so why not make it a positive one! Whether it’s in your work or home life, there’s plenty of inspiration out there to help us all reduce our negative impacts through the sustainable choices we can make.

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