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HK's First Zero Waste Store

I'm assuming you've read the title and are absolutely boiling over with excitement! Or not. BUT! I assure that you will be once you've finished reading this post...

Live Zero, Hong Kong's first zero waste bulk store officially opened on the 1st of February! I know!! This is a huge step for the zero waste movement in Hong Kong. Not only will life now be easier for those already on their low waste journey, but for anyone else who wants to start as well. Making zero waste accessible is a huge goal, not only for us but for the movement as a whole. Zero waste, as an attempt to change the way we interact with our modern consumerism and waste generation, is only effective large scale and long term if it gets acquired by a large amount of people. This means making it an option for as many people as possible, and bulk stores that offer a wide range of food for a reasonable price are one of the biggest solutions to this. Single use plastic is everywhere, truly everywhere. But, depending on where you are in the world, food is one of the hardest areas to avoid it, and now thanks to LiveZero doing so in Hong Kong will be that one step easier.

They have just opened, which means certain products are still not there and the pricing could change, but so far it is super affordable and the items they have are, for the most part, ones you can't get unpackaged in Hong Kong. Below are photos of every bulk product in the store thus far and their prices. See what you like and what you would want to get and come prepared with your own containers! Happy shopping! (Not pictured are other 'zero waste essential' items they sell in the store, featured on their website)


As you can see, they have a huge variety of products available, with many more to come! Subscribe for updates on livezero and all things zero waste HK!

Go check them out at the address below, support sustainability and create a positive plastic footprint for yourself! Please share this with everyone you know in Hong Kong, now that the option is here it is crucial for people to confront the possible changes they can make in their life to lower their waste!

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