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experiences in Hong Kong

Alex and I celebrating my birthday at a jazz bar, no presents needed!

Low waste gift giving: one solution is the gift of experiences, one of our personal favourite being local ones! So, we thought we would follow up with a post on some experiences we think are great for HK that require no waste at all! The best part for a lot of these is that its cost effective too, and you create memories which we love. Personally our favourites (as a couple) are exploring the islands around HK and just walking around places we've never been to before, learning about our beautiful city we call home as we go alone! (and parks! and beaches! we love everything outdoors, a quick google search will show you all the beautiful places in HK)

Local Farms

A super fun experience to get out of the bustling city of HK and go to some of it's country side instead, as well as meeting and connecting with local eco-conscious people, is to visit local farms!

Flower World Organic Farm

They have cooking classes, gardening workshops, and offer pick-your own strawberries, tomatoes, corn, and lettuce, and have food available on site. They also have a special focus on flowers!

PO Box 31 Sze Pai Shek Village, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. +852 3126 5155.

Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm

This one I love because they have a petting zoo with goats and bunnies, as well as having traditional farm options and food available.

Sze Pai Shek, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. +852 5579 2178. Open Thursday to Monday 9:30AM – 6PM.

Nature's Harvest

They offer loads of workshops such as making your own herb garden and DIY Teas, as well as general organic farming workshops.

Pak Shui Wun Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong. +852 2723 3126. Open Tuesday to Sunday 9AM – 5PM

Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm

This is another one of my favourites; I adore strawberries and berries in general and they offer picking services, they also offer peanuts, cabbage, corn, cherry tomatoes and watermelon. One of the great things is that their food is seasonal and change all the time, the strawberries being offered between December and January, so check it out fast!

DD, 76 Hok Tau Village, Fan Ling, New Territories, Hong Kong. +852 9302 0258. Open Daily 9AM – 5PM


Maritime Museum

Alex loved this one, it was interactive and modern, and close to the ferry so you can go out and check out the various islands around HK!

Science Museum

This one is great for kids and families, it is super interactive and very innovative and fun! It is in TST and after you can go visit the space museum which has an amazing cinema with cool things showing all the time!

Heritage Museum

The Heritage museum is great for those who want to learn more about HK's history and have a taste for its art and culture

Nan Lian Gardes

Situated in Diamond Hill, the Nan Lian gardens are a great place to go for a beautiful walk and eat some great vegetarian food!

Hong Kong Wetland Park

The wetland park is another great stop for families and kids, as well as eco and animal lovers! It's super beautiful and great fun with loads of different educational areas and a cinema!

Jason Wordie Walks

Jason Wordie is an established historian who does historical walks all around Hong Kong! This is of course great for any history junkie but is also fun to do with visiting family/friends.

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