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MUSE'22 was a student-run performing arts festival at the VCA Performing Arts Building. Across two evenings, on the 20th and 21st of July 2022, over 40 student artists created work ranging from installation sensory rooms to fully realised scripted works. 

As Executive Producer, Agnese brought the festival to the faculty, overseeing a team of 7 core members from marketing to programming to producing, and liaising with professional production staff at the university. 


"MUSE an open invitation for any and all kinds of works to take over the VCA Performing Arts Building by students of the building. It celebrates the diverse range of artists studying at this faculty, providing an opportunity to crack open the possibilities of this learning space, to create and share what truly resonates."

Executive Producer  Agnese Perri 

Co-Artistic Director  Iris Simpson 

Co-Artistic Director  Sophia Derkenne 

Program Manager  Benjamin Smith 

Program Assistant  Lauren Swain 

Marketing Coordinator  Freyja Black 

Photographer & Videographer  Tyallah Bullock 

Artist Development Manager  Vitoria Hronopoulos 

Productions and Operations  David Harrod

MUSE 2022 Trailer
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