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a wee catch up | august

Four Flowers in Still Life by David Hockney

It's been a while since I've actually sat down and written a post; because we were travelling and I was so busy I had prepped quite a few and also had some community posts so it's just happened that I haven't actually written a whole post from scratch in a long time. I'll be honest I miss it a little so I thought for this week I'd just update you all a little bit on life and what's been going on!

Firstly the holiday, I never really spoke about the day-to-day sustainability of it for us personally so here it is! Of course sustainable traveling is an oxymoron, and we are looking into getting carbon offsets, but also this is life and technically existence itself is not sustainable so I'm going to live and travel if I have the privilege of doing so. The holiday was an absolute blast and it was amazing getting to experience a whole host of new cultures, especially with zero waste and veganism in mind. It was also really tiring and stressful, not like how the movies portray a one month holiday with your partner to be. I don't feel that we necessarily learned anything new about sustainability, but I definitely had to take a step back and not beat myself up about the things that were out of our control. On the first day I got so overwhelmed with all the waste from the meals on the plane and just broke down; I think sometimes I just live in my zero waste bubble with all you fantastic people in this community that I forget how most of the world lives. Of course we did create way more landfill waste than usual, if I were to guess I'd say we produced the amount that we would normally produce in 6 months to a year. Most of it was non-recyclable receipts, especially for things like busses. We also had a few straws here and there from forgotten "no straw please!" and of course the knock off waste from us eating out. Overall low waste travel is not impossible you just have to be aware of where waste can be produced and how to prevent it.

On another note, veganism! If you follow us on instagram you'll be well-informed about my journey with veganism these past few months but I haven't spoken about it on the blog yet. I am someone who really likes to know about a topic before I discuss it, so I wanted to take some time to really explore my thoughts around veganism and educate myself so I could make a personal opinion before discussing it publicly. Now that I have, expect a lot more posts about it! I'm not here to stuff veganism down anyone's throat, diet is so personal and I think everyone is entitled to their own approach. But, I also think it's necessary that animal agriculture is discussed in the environmental sphere because it's impact is insane. Ultimately I'm vegan for ethical reasons and therefore don't intend to try to push you all into becoming vegan, instead I want to offer you recipes and advice on how to eat a more plant-based diet. Same as with zero waste, it isn't black and white, and reducing your consumption is really what I aim to promote in relation to sustainability.

It's nice to get that off my chest and out on here. I started transitioning to being most plant-based in February and was totally influenced by environmental reasons, but as I've learnt more it's developed and here I am!

annyyywaayys on a final note; I always feel a bit iffy doing posts on here about art because most of my current following is here for sustainability. But I also feel like a huge part of my personality is missed out on here, I am more than a serious environmentalist, in fact I'm a total art fart. So I am going to push myself to get over my fear of talking about art things and try to post a bit more authentically on all things that interest me in life, if you aren't interested that is fine but this lil bubble on the internet is for me so I'm going to enjoy it! I absolutely love running this and connecting with all you gorgeous people so hopefully being a bit more me won't make too much of a difference. If you have any ideas for posts then do message! I also have some other big news pertaining to the blog, but will save it for another time... (stay tuned, I'm super excited to announce this lil project I'm working on and hope you will be too!)

Since arriving back and finishing rehearsals my schedule is a little more free and I'm excited on working on more things, chat soon! x


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