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refilling water in Hong Kong

If you're anything like me you drink crazy amounts of water on a daily basis. But in Hong Kong this poses an issue with being zero waste, because unlike other countries we don't have loads of options for free water (or so we thought). So for those of you in HK trying to work on using reusable water bottles (and therefore need water refills) here's the solution!

'Water for free' is an app you can get which has joined with restaurants, cafes, and the general public to create a map with all the places in Hong Kong where free refillable water is available! On the app not only can you use google maps to determine the closest free water source near you, but you can also share any new ones you find!

As you can see there are loads of sources all around Hong Kong, many of which I'm sure you wouldn't know of! It now boasts over 1250 locations, and the best part is that their efforts are solely based on wanting to change Hong Kong's plastic bottle usage. It's an absolutely amazing example of what Hong Kong people can do to save the environment when they set their minds to it, especially considering it is volunteer run! We have both found it super helpful when we are out and about as we drink loads of water and often run out of what we bring from home. They also have an awesome rental service where they provide water fountains to events, if you'd ever be interested!

Please go and support them by using the app, spreading the word, and if you can donating to sustain their hard work! You can also like their Facebook page to stay up to date. If you'd like to read more on what they do and their goals you can find loads of information on their website below! Happy drinking!

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