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Rat King: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The __

RAT KING is a collection of tales, intertwined and bound together by brick, by windows and holes in the wall. Watch the world disintegrate as you click along and discover the hidden morsels in this online tenement.

This episodic web-scape lets you wade through the lives of rats and cowboys, artists and fanatics all living in an apartment block on the edge of the world. An apartment block where the people are without inkling and have forgotten the sun. An apartment block where nobody can really remember when the business with the rats first began...

Premiered Digitally at Melbourne Fringe 2021.

Director  Katy Maudlin

Editor  Justin Gardam

Created & Performed by Agnese Perri, Cooper McDonald, Sophia Derkenne, Kate Weston, Luey Kemp-Mykyta, Charlie Veitch, Sebastian Fendall, Maddi Formosa, Jaimee Doyle, Eleanor Golding, & Freyja Black


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